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About Us

About Us

Chess is a beautiful and fascinating game that brings pleasure to millions. our main strategy to use chess as educational tools. Our global education has a strong alignment to the fundamental ways of how the basic education is facilitated for children to meet the 21st Century skill demand. we need to strengthen the system’s orientation to drive strong value creation around innovation landscape in local education. Chess as educational tool is a potential to be the innovation exercise to build more independent, inclusive and integrative thinking in children.

Alexandra Grishina

Founder Of Chess Knowledge,
MSc Chess in Education, FIDE MASTER, FIDE ARBITER.

Chess changes lives. Help support our mission

“Chess is a war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent’s mind”

To integrate chess as a learning tool in classrooms, in order to have an enduring positive impact on our students critical thinking and social skills, and ability to achieve academically.

Chess Knowledge is committed to the education of children. We want to see kids engaged in learning, having a positive educational experience, developing different topics, and gaining valuable skills used in the classroom and in life.

Chess Knowledge teaches critical and creative thinking skills through chess. The curriculum engages young minds and expands ​pattern recognition.